Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Ok, so starting one of these is tough. What do you say? Will anyone read it?
I decided to start with what I lovingly refer to as a Paige-ism.
During this past weekend, Paige was asking about Easter. She sat on Mark's lap while he told her the whole a nutshell suited for a four year old. She sat and listened very intently. She loves details and clings to every word spoken.
After hearing the story from Mark, she comes to me and asks me to tell her the story. I tell her the same 'nut-shelled' story, again, as she sits and listens. Over the course of the day, she has heard the story so many times she could recite it in her sleep.
Fast forward now to dinnertime the next night. While eating, she asks Mark to tell her the story yet again. He tells her that she has heard it so much that maybe she should tell US the story.
Ok, she is agreeable....but needs a little help. As she gets to a part where she has to say "Jesus", she stops. We tell her to go on and she gets all shy-like. We ask her what's the matter. "I can't say his name" she says. "Try" we tell her. After some prodding she finally starts telling the story again, but in her story, she says "cheez-its" instead of "Jesus". Ok, I can see it...LOL
As I said.....out of the mouths of babes!!!


  1. Yay Christina!!! You have a blog!!! (Stuffie told me :)

  2. hee hee hee !! I told sum buddy!!
    Glad you started a blog... finally! Now, let's start talkin' somw smack!

  3. Lookie...I found you! That Paigie is too stinking cute!

  4. FIRST stalker here...and for cripes sake i can't use anonymous...

  5. I'm with Paige--I love Cheez-its too!